Battlefield: High Definition

1.0.1 patch readme error
In the readme file for the 1.0.1 patch, it says:
"Copy the file 'Texture.rfa' into the directory:
C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\Archives\"

This is wrong, you should be copying the file to
C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\BFHD\Archives\
where it will overwrite an older file. This is very important!

Update: The mirrors are currently being updated with the change. Two mirrors are now available with the updated patch.
20 Mar 2007 by Lieutenant Clone

Battlefield: High Definition v1.0.1 Released
This patch removes all Swastikas from Battlefield: High Definition. This is very important for residents of Germany. Players with v1.0.1 cannot play against players with v1.0, everyone on the server must be on the same version.

19 Mar 2007 by Lieutenant Clone

Battlefield: High Definition v1.0 Manual Install
A manual installation file has been added to the downloads section for those who wish not to use, or are having trouble with the binary (exe) installer.

Enjoy smile
19 Mar 2007 by Lieutenant Clone

Warning to residents of Germany
I noticed today that the Extreme mirror went down, and it turns out it is because there is a Swastika in Battlefield: High Definition. Indeed, we changed the flags in the mod, and we had forgotten about the strict laws in Germany banning the possession of Swastikas. Do beware of this when downloading this modification.

Our apologies to the residents of Germany. We are now planning a patch to remove this flag from the modification. Stay tuned for more info.
19 Mar 2007 by Lieutenant Clone

Corrupt exe error
Once the download has completed, you must fully extract the exe file before running it. You will get a 'file corrupt' message if you attempt to run the executable directly out of the zip on Windows XP.
18 Mar 2007 by Lieutenant Clone

Battlefield: High Definition v1.0 Released
Battlefield: High Definition has just been released and is now available for the public to download! Head over to the downloads section to get your copy now. More mirrors will be added as the files come online.

15 Mar 2007 by Lieutenant Clone

New Comparison Screenshots
New screenshots have just been added in the screens section of the site. Each one shows a section of one of the battlefield 1942 maps, and then the same section in Battlefield: High Definition. Most obvious is the dramatic change in view distance. If you choose to view the large versions, you will notice how far away you can see planes from. It really adds a new dynamic to the gameplay. You might also notice an increased number of bodies and vehicle wrecks.

15 Mar 2007 by Lieutenant Clone

Battlefield: High Definition hits the web!
The official Battlefield: High Definition website is now live and operational. Feel free to have a look around, visit our forums, and of course spread word of our modification!
13 Mar 2007 by Lieutenant Clone